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The island nation of Arborthost, home to the mysterious and eternal elves, has long been shrouded in mystery. Few are those not of elven blood who have been permitted to both enter and depart the land. And the elves who once called it home often speak only, longingly, of it's majesty and beauty.

The shores of the island nation, while (barely) visible from Maitlyn, are often suddenly and unpredicably wracked with storms. The waters themselves tend to be warm, and contain a vast array of marine life.

The interior of the island consists largely of old growth forest, as well as deep valleys and gorges. The whole of the island is said to be thriving with life, the elves meticulously providing the essential conditions for nature to take its course.


The Flowing Saphire / Salataphilo'alasa

Author's Notes

  • Include theories on why Elves feel a compulsion to return to Arborthost in the final year of their lives.
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