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Augmentation is the school of magic that is involved with improving objects or creatures, though the battle magic spells focus mainly on creatures in their application. It is one of the beneficial schools of magic which can be made into potion form by priests, along with Alteration, Healing and Protection.

Augmentation is unique among the schools of magic due to the nature of the boons it gives its targets. While schools like Protection, Elemental Earth and Nature provide defensive boons to one's form, Augmentation is one of the few that assists in an offensive manner. Thus, Augmentation is often seen as the martial mage's school, or else one that is used primarily upon one with martial skill.

Augmentation is one of the ten arcane schools, and is granted by Kayleth, Mellina, Rathelle, Kagent, Necros, and sometimes by Mishra. Most mages and Priests of Mishra and Mellina who learn this school beyond Ogre Strike have some martial skill themselves, or else they are hired by warriors or the military to add potency to specialized units of force, especially if said priest or mage has the ability to scribe scrolls or make potions. Priests of Kayleth, Rathelle and Kagent usually use Augmentation to assist their own efforts in battle when they face unfavourable odds. Priests of Kayleth use it to make the fight fair if their opponent has an unfair advantage. Priests of Rathelle use it as a tool for survival. Priests of Kagent use it as a means to gain an unfair advantage against their opponents. Priests of Necros may use Augmentation on themselves, but more often they use it on zombies when they really need their undead minions to be extra formidable. In the case of Necrosian Divine Faith Casters, they may end up using them on more powerful undead creations in order to ensure the survival of their investments.

The Battle Magic Spells

Ogre Strike

Ogre Strike is often seen as the "mage's spell" in the Augmentation school, as it is the only one out of the four that would be most beneficial to non-melee fighters to use, and because many mages do not bother to develop the Augmentation school beyond this spell. The spell grants a momentary burst of strength that, when employed, will allow the target to perform one feat of extraordinary strength that takes no longer than a couple of seconds. This makes Ogre Strike unlike the other three battle spells in the Augmentation school, which grant their enhancements for an entire battle, and give more enhancements than mere brute strength. Studies on the Ogre Strike spell have shown that this burst of strength allows the target to carry 1000 lbs. unencumbered, hurl a human being 20 feet away from them, and lift 2000 lbs. Ogre Strike works independently of the target's actual physical strength or enhancements gained through alchemical or other means. Thus, it is impossible to use Ogre Strike to improve one's strength beyond this level. This makes it relatively useless to creatures of great strength, such as the dragon or giant.

Strangely enough, studies in Augmentation have proven that Ogre Strike actually grants its target more physical strength than is possessed by the average ogre. While some scholars dismiss the misnomer as mere metaphor, it has been theorized that when the Augmentation school was first developed, ogres were considerably stronger, and would have had comparable strength levels to those granted by Ogre Strike, but have since become weaker, but many dismiss such theories, stating that ogres face the same challenges now as they did eons ago, and thus there would have been no eventual strength reduction.

Giant's Strength

Giant's Strength is the first of what the Dwarven Mellinan scholar Kergar Stonehammer called "the three stages of augmentative metamorphosis". The spell grants not only enhanced strength, but also enhanced bodily constitution.

The strength enhancement, when cast upon the average human, grants strength similar to the average Orc or Wolven. Studies have shown that when the spell is cast on creatures of greater-than-human strength, it affects them incrementally, adding 250 lbs. to their unencumbered carrying capacity, 5 feet to the distance they can hurl a human being, and 500 lbs. to their maximum lift.

The enhanced bodily constitution granted by Giant's Strength allows for the target to be slashed by a normal longsword wielded by a fighter with minimal training and average human strength five more times than they would be able to without the Giant's Strength spell.

Mithril Might

The third tier of the Augmentation school builds on the enhancements granted by Giant's Strength, and is thus the second stage in Stonehammer's augmentative metamorphosis theory. Mithril Might grants double the strength and constitution enhancement that is granted by Giant's Strength, in addition to a mystical property that confers an aura upon all weapons wielded by the target, including claws and teeth, that makes them act as if they were made of mithril, one of the rarest precious metals in all of Dremlin. This aura grants the ability to harm certain mystical creatures that would otherwise be impervious to attack.

Enchant Blade

The final stage in Stonehammer's augmentative metamorphosis theory, Enchant Blade grants triple the strength and constitution enhancements granted by Giant's Strength, as well as a mystical aura that makes the weapons wielded by the target (including teeth and claws) behave as if they were enchanted by magic. This allows one to harm certain mystical creatures that are only harmed by magical attacks.

Many scholars that support the theory that the Elves discovered and developed the Augmentation school use this spell and Mithril Might as major evidence to support their view, as the Elves' weak constitutions and inferior strength would make the power granted by these two spells appealing, not to mention the vast deposits of mithril and legendary magical arts found and practiced in Arborthost, which would have made research into the properties of mithril and magical auras easier to perform.

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