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Brood are a collective race of insectoid, parasitic beings recently discovered in the northern parts of Dremlin. They are made up of large colonies (similar to that of garden ants) which are controlled by a singular queen that controls the rest of the colony members through a sort of “hive mind”. They are typically the size of a dog with pincer, mandibles and two side mandibles (located where their “arms” would be). Brood are known to reproduce by laying eggs in living victims.

Physical Characteristics:

All brood share several key characteristics. All Brood have a tough exoskeleton, spit acid, and reproduce by laying eggs in their victims' stomach. Brood become more complicated after these similarities, however. There are several different castes of Brood which will be briefly discussed here, though some of this information is but theory and speculation.

The Brood Castes

"Soldier" Brood

The basic “Soldier” Brood is about the size of a dog (there have been sightings of larger ones but these are unconfirmed), and is equipped with deadly front pincer, mandibles and side mandibles for clawing. Like almost every other Brood, “Soldier” brood have the ability to spit acid.

One confirmed trait that “Soldier” Brood are known to have is that they burst open and spray acid on their surroundings upon death. This breed of Brood is raised to be utilized as a main infantry or scout unit.

“Mirror” Brood

“Mirror” Brood are larger then the normal “soldiers” and bear a striking resemblance to a praying mantis. These Brood are armored with a special form of natural armor. This armor repels all forms of weaponry and most known forms of magic. This aside, “Mirror” Brood are actually quite frail. They will fall easily to someone with some skill with a stiletto or a bow.

“War” Brood

“War” Brood are the largest and physically most imposing member of any brood hive where one is present. “War” Brood can grow to up to 20 meters in length and stand almost 15 meters tall. They are well-equipped for combat, being almost like a form of Broodish war machine. They have several legs armed with mandibles capable of rending a man in twain. They can also belch large quantities of acid, some say enough to engulf and kill a man. Probably the most disconcerting thing about “War” Brood is how well-armored they are. The most powerful strikes from the most accomplished warriors do not do anything more than scratch its tough surface. The one fact that may ease some adventurers’ minds is to know that because of their size, “War” Brood are very slow.

The “Queen” Brood

As the name suggests, the “Queen” Brood are the leaders of the hive, controlling all of its children via a form of telepathy. Very few things are actually known about Brood “Queens”. It is known that there is typically only one per area. The only other thing that is known about them is their ability to literally produce a tidal wave of acid when threatened. They also they have the ability to kill any brood that might be affected by Enchantment magic.

“Spider” Brood

“Spider” Brood are the only form of Brood that are born without a host. These are the smallest form of Brood, measuring only 1 ½ feet in length and ½ a foot in height. “Spiders” have eight legs, a tail, and a “feeding” tube which it uses to deposit eggs into a victim’s stomach. It will do this by wrapping its legs around a victim’s head and choking them with its tail, and then forcing the tube into its victim’s throat and laying the eggs. “Spider” Brood have gained this name because of their slight resemblance to spiders.


Brood only have one known way of reproducing and that’s by way of laying eggs. Brood lay these eggs in the still-living bodies of their victims (usually by first knocking them out or stunning them). Once the egg is has been laid, it will stay in the host and grow. Once it has matured, the Brood will burst fully grown from the host’s stomach. The Brood is usually a Soldier. The only known remedies for being impregnated are either having it removed by a doctor or imbibing a strong mind-affecting alchemy (like a euphoria or a hallucinogen).

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