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Chaos is known to be one of the most dangerous schools even in the hands of novice users. Tapping into the very essence that is Kagent, Chaos is traditionally the magic used to batter the front lines in the conflict against Order. It is said that the Sword of War Kagent sent down to assist His Orc hordes was forged from Chaos magic. Chaos is granted to priests of Kagent, Sirethe, Necros, Bacchus, and sometimes Mishra.

The Battle Magic Spells


After calling the deities name and throwing the summoned Chaotic energy at the victim, they recipient will find their strength harshly decreased for the next 5 minutes. This spell is very popular among Kagent's priests (who are mostly Orcs) to give them a large strength advantage against most opponents.


Poison is very popular among rogues and sneaky creatures born of Chaos. This spell causes minimal damage but will continue to harm the victim until they are properly cured or slain. In addition to the pain, the poison also renders the victim unable to run. This spell has no effect on Elementals, Undead, or Constructs.

Wither limb

Wither limb is the magical equivalent of dismembering an opponent. When a victim is struck with this spell, the limb specified by the caster will shrivel horribly, rendering it useless and causing a great amount of physical trauma. This change is permanent and can only be reversed by a restore or a life spell. This spell will Wither the limbs of undead and constructs but they will suffer no trauma.


This is the most powerful spell granted in the Chaos school. When someone is hit with this spell, it sends them into a bloody fury, attacking the nearest target (friend or foe) until either they are rendered unconscious, the spell ends, or their target dies. In the latter case, they'll move onto the next target once their initial target is dead. As if berserking someone wasn't bad enough, this spell also grants them tremendous strength (equal to that granted by an enchanted blade spell) and great fortitude. This spell can affect mindless creatures such as undead, constructs, and elementals. It lasts 10 minutes.

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