Creation Of The World

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Countless creation myths and legends from across the world exist, with each reflecting the beliefs of the culture telling the story. Each story also has countless variations, particularly in places where literacy is scarce or non-existent.

What follows are a number of creation stories presented by the prevalent cultures of the world. More on the creation of the races can be found on the individual race pages.

Creation Stories

<Main Story, Title Undecided>

This creation story, or some variation of it, is the one most widely accepted by scholars and people in civilized realms.

In the beginning, there was only Mellina. She created the universe, but in so doing, also created Nothingness. From this Void came Kagent.

Then, in the Universe, there was nothing but Mellina and Kagent. Mellina welcomed Kagent and bid him his assistance in creating this fine new world.

Kagent looked out over the universe and sneered. The wondrous world Mellina created meant nothing to him. Instead, he took his pleasure in Mellina. His only motivation was to unmake Mellina, to spread the Void of His being to every corner of Her universe. But in His attempt He failed, for from His betrayal of Mellina, Mellina was able to take part of Kagent, and used it to create new life.

The first-born was Kayleth, The Redeemer of His Father's cruel and unjust actions. Kayleth was born as a paladin in shining armour, wielding a sword of pure light and a brilliant mirrored shield. With His sword He was able to strike out His Father's right eye, sending the eye bursting in flames, which Kayleth set in the sky as the sun, burning brightly as beacon of hope against the darkness of Kagent. The battle between the two fierce warriors continues, with Kagent fighting to punish His son, and Kayleth as a champion of justice and Light.

After Kagent was driven back by His son, the other deities emerged. They declared loyalty to Their Mother, and began to assist Her in completing Her world. Mishra, Mellina’s second child, poured Himself throughout Her world, learning each crevice and every secret, recording every truth in the Tome of Knowledge. Rathelle, the third born, carried Her Mother's spark of life to the world. The spark exploded upon the earth sending life to every corner. From this came the trees and the animals. Necros made Night, and Sirethe the ever-changing Moon. Last born, the Twins, Gyellina and Bacchus, were struck with wonder and immediately set out to marvel at Their Siblings' creations.

Then tragedy struck. Kagent returned with a mighty blade of destruction. Mellina had created Life, so He would make Death. He sought to destroy all the deities, and saw the Silver Sirethe suspended above the world. As He struck, Sirethe changed, shifting Herself away from destruction, but leaving Her brother Night open to Kagent’s destructive blow. As Kagent’s blade clove through the Heart of Night, Necros died, and by dying, created the Realm of the Dead. From this land, He arose as the Lord of Bones and forever seeks to turn the entire world into the Realm of the Dead so that He may have His vengeance.

Then, a titanic battle of the deities began as Kayleth and His siblings arrived. Mellina watched in horror as Her children battled Their Father. As The Blood of the Deities washed over the world, mountains levelled and oceans shifted. The world crumbled under the feet of the battling deities. It appeared that Kagent would succeed, that all hope would be lost, and Sirethe changed her loyalties, driving a dagger of poison into the back of Kayleth. Enraged at the betrayal, the other children directed their fury at Sirethe, who fled through the darkness, Her siblings close behind. Seeing his opportunity, Kagent approached the wounded Lord of Light, and lifted His sword of destruction high for a final blow. As He attacked, Mellina reached out to save Her son, and was struck by the blade. Her blood flowed onto the world, melding with the essence of light amidst the destruction, and up sprang the goodly races, who watched the titans before them in awe.

Newly enraged at seeing His Mother wounded, Kayleth struck with a mighty blow deep into Kagent’s breast. The Dark Deity’s blood fell like acid, creating bubbling craters upon the earth. From these craters arose hideous creatures; trolls, ogres and orcs.

Kayleth lifted His wounded Father and hurled Him into the Void from which He came. The other siblings returned, Sirethe having fled beyond Their ability to find Her. Together, the Deities wove a lock of magic, a thousand, thousand strings of energy that bound Kagent to the Void. Thus, the world of Dremlin was created.

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