Elemental Destruction

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Elemental Destruction allows the caster access to the pure energies of the four elements (fire, earth, air, and water). It is also the only school that cannot operate by itself, as a mage must also know an Elemental Air, Earth, Fire, or Water spell of the corresponding level. It is theorized that the caster must know the equal elemental spell to properly utilize Elemental Destruction, or they could bring harm to themselves through not being able to handle the pure destructive qualities of its battle magic. Like Augmentation, this is one of the few schools who's only use is offense. Elemental Destruction is one of the ten arcane schools and is also granted by Kayleth, Kagent, and sometimes Mishra. This school will often be learned to at least the second level by Priests of Kagent and Kayleth. Mages who use the school are often employed as a form of artillery in armies. It has been documented that this school is best used either to destroy defenses or against creatures will little defense but with a high threshold for pain.

The Battle Magic Spells


This is the first and weakest spell of the destruction school. When cast, the mage sends forth a small "chip" of the element no bigger then a human's partially enclosed fist (the size of the spell does not change for bigger or smaller casters). The only difference between the four types of shards other than the obvious difference in elements is the sensory differences. A Fire Shard looks like a small torch flame and smells like lightly burnt wood. An Ice Shard looks like an icy snowball and is only slightly colder then normal room temperature (to the mage casting it). An Earth Shard looks and feels like a packed together clump of dirt and rocks. A Lightning Shard looks like a small charge and makes a soft cracking sound.


Bolt is the second and most popular spell among users of this school. It has gained popularity because of its excellent destructive-quality-to-mana-usage ratio. It's only as hard to cast as three Shards, yet it does five times the damage. The Bolts of each element look roughly like a slightly misshapen arrow with only (again) slight sensory differences. A Fire Bolt smells like burning wood. An Ice Bolt actually causes a slight mist around itself. An Earth Bolt feels like granite and hard-packed dirt, and a Lightning Bolt makes a louder cracking sound.


The third spell of the Destruction school is the second-most widely used spell in the school next to Bolt. Although it is loved for the same reasons as Bolt, this spell is much more powerful and easily capable of killing most creatures in one casting if it strikes true. The sensory differences between the four types of Blasts are more profound than the Bolt or Shard. A Fire Blast looks like a fireball about the size of an Ogre's head and smells like severely burnt wood. An Ice Blast looks an ice ball with traces of snow that would fit in both hands of an orc. An Earth Blast looks like a small boulder and feels like a chunk of unworked stone. A Lightning Blast looks like a hand-sized ball of lighting and makes a considerable cracking sound when launched.


The fourth and most powerful spell of the Destruction school is only as popular as the Shard spell. This is because where most casters find Shard too weak, many also find Nova somewhat of an overkill spell, seeing as anything killed by a Nova is likely to be dropped by a Blast. Those who do use Nova have this to say: "When you want something dead, nothing drops it like a Nova." All Novas have this in common: when they are cast, a ball roughly the size of an ogre's head is sent out. Upon impact, the ball explodes with incredible force, releasing all its pent-up elemental energy. A Fire nova smells like a forest fire. An Ice Nova will cause the caster to see their breath and the explosion consists of chunks of ice and frozen earth. An Earth Nova feels like hard-packed stone and the explosion consists of chunks of said stone and dirt. A Lightning Nova simply explodes but unleashes an earsplitting crack when it does.

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