Elemental Earth

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Elemental Earth is the only one of the five Elemental schools that is used exclusively for defense. Every spell in this school either grants some form of physical protection or stops the opponent from further offensive actions. This school is granted by Rathelle, Mellina, Necros, some priests of Mishra, and is available to Arcane casters.

The Battle Magic Spells

Earth Armour

The first and most commonly known spell in the Elemental Earth school. Earth Armour grants the caster enough protection to easily absorb two shard spells before it loses effectiveness.


Tremor is commonly learned by casters who also dabble in martial knowledge. When this spell strikes its target, it creates a small quake under their feet for about ten seconds, causing them to drop all held items, and to take no action other than to maintain balance. This is also a popular spell to use to escape from an unfavorable situation, as the time given by the spell is more than enough to flee.

Flesh to Stone

This is the "kill" spell of this school. Once struck, a target's skin will solidify into hard stone, rendering them incapable of movement for the duration of the spell (10 minutes). Clever casters have also realized this spell's potential as a last effort defense. The spell, while turning a target into stone will also grant the target a very formidable toughness, as regular and iron weapons won't even scratch its surface.


This powerful spell is often sought out by powerful or rich warriors for its incredible defensive ability. The spell grants two different layers of protection. The first and most stunning renders the target's skin as tough as stone, turning away common and iron weapons as though they where pillows. The spell also heavily armours the recipient, further granting them protection against those that can overcome the first form of protection.

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