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Fae are, collectively, a type of magical creature that bears an in-born aversion to iron. Fae are generally long-lived or immortal. Most fae live in either the Enchanted Forest or the Fae Isles, although a few, most notably Gnomes, live in other parts of the world. A wide variety of fae creatures exist in all shapes and sizes.

Generally, fae can be divided into two types: Light Fae and Dark Fae. There has been a long history of war between these two groups, particularly in the fae homelands. More on this can be found in the History section.

Alphabetical List of Fae Creatures

What follows is a very brief list of the most commonly found types of fae. Since most fae keep out of sight of civilized places, there are possibly hundreds of types of fae that are undiscovered or have barely ever been seen.

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