Perhaps the best-known of all the miraculous feats granted by the Nine Gods, due in part to the fact that it is the only divine-exclusive school of magic that is granted by all of the gods, is the Healing school of magic. Healing grants the wielder the power to restore and purify the living, and to harm the undead. The school's four potent spells range in power from instantly healing a few stab wounds to being able to bring a body and soul back from the brink of death. The school is also commonly called the Life school, which accurately depicts the function of the school, though many scholars prefer the name Healing, as doing so avoids confusion with the school's identically-named Sacramental spell.

Healing is often considered to be a necessity for any priest. This is especially true of Priests of Mellina, as they are commonly medics, and Priests of Kayleth, who are often in battle and seek to protect the weak and innocent.

Some find it peculiar that the Dark Gods grant the power of Healing to Their priests, but, to be sure, those Dark Priests would be at an unfair disadvantage in the ongoing battle between the churches if they could not heal themselves and their followers. Besides this fact, these powerful spells' function against the undead servants of rival Dark Priests makes healing an indispensable part of any Dark Priest's arsenal of spells.

The Battle Magic Spells

Cure Wounds

The brilliant, white, positive energy channelled by the priest to create this spell is sufficiently powerful enough to heal four dagger wounds, with roughly the same effectiveness as the alchemical equivalent of the same name. The spell can also be used to inflict an equal amount of damage upon an undead creature. Undead targets will find that armour is completely ineffective protection against the power of a Cure Wounds spell.

Purify Blood

Purify Blood is the one spell from the Healing school that has no effect on undead. It is still powerful, however, as it has the ability to remove any adverse afflictions from a living target, aside from raw physical damage. Poisons and toxins of all kinds are instantly nulled by this spell, as well as alchemical mind-affecting substances like Charm and Euphoria. Only certain mystical diseases cannot be removed by a Purify Blood spell.


This extremely potent spell will completely return a damaged living body to full health, removing all wounds and physical afflictions from its being. Restore is not powerful enough to restore a deceased body to life, but aside from this, only certain mystical diseases cannot be removed by a Restore spell.

Conversely, Restore is an exceedingly powerful weapon when wielded against undead creatures. Lesser undead can be slain instantly by a single Restore spell, while greater undead suffer a massive blow from the brilliant energy that would kill most mortal men ten times over. Of course, most greater undead are made of much tougher stuff than mortal men are, but a Restore spell is still not something that any undead creature takes lightly.


Life is the more highly evolved version of Restore. In addition to restoring the living body it targets to full health, it can return the soul of a deceased body back to its mortal shell, provided the priest can perform the spell within five minutes of the creature's death. Undead creatures are slain by a Life spell, regardless of whether they are greater or lesser.

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