House Elendil

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House Elendil is a very old Common House that resides mostly in the deepest forests of Arborthost. The House sintarra, Wilderness Studies, has earned the Elendils a well-deserved reputation as guardians of The Forest, which has in turn garnered much respect among the Common Houses, and, to some degree, the Noble Houses.

Pursuit of the Sintarra

House Elendil places added emphasis on the importance of the Balance of Nature from the start. Young members of the House are taken on long walks in the forests surrounding their village homes to learn about the multitude of living things that live there, and how they interact with one another. Over the course of their youth, members of House Elendil gain at least rudimentary knowledge of the herbal arts, basic medicine, trapmaking, wilderness survival, and weather patterns.


Those wishing to pursue the sintarra beyond its rudiments often become noted alchemists, Elven Hunters, guides, gamekeepers, trappers or, less commonly, arcane practitioners of elemental magic. The most devoted members of the House will sometimes become Priests of Rathelle.

The Head of House

The current Head of House Elendil is Taurelan Elendil, an elderly Druid of Rathelle of at least 1700 years. Over the centuries, he has been an alchemist, a Hunter in the Arborthostian Army, and a trapper, before finding meaning in the teachings of Rathelle around the age of 900. He fought as a Hunter in The War of Redemption, and bears the scars of doing so upon his countenance, but he will not speak of this part of his past.

In the last few centuries, he has preferred to devote the majority of his time to the preservation of the wildlife on the island, though he attends to his responsibilities as Head of House dutifully. Though Taurelan never married and has no children, he cares deeply about the education of the young members of the House, and works to ensure that the sintarra is being taught properly to all young Elendilians. He will even help take promising Priests of Rathelle under his wing, after watching their actions from afar for some time.

The next-eldest member of House Elendil is Taurelan's cousin Sylvarra Elendil. The title of Head of House will pass to her upon Taurelan's death.

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