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The school of Nature allows it's caster to tap into the raw power of Creation. Nature grants several different effects, such as communication with animals and one of the deadliest spells a priest can cast. This school is granted by Rathelle, Gyellina, Bacchus, and sometimes by Mishra.

The Battle Magic Spells

Speak with Animals

This spell is most known among priests for its seemingly endless versatility. This spell does exactly what the name implies. It allows the priest to communicate with any natural animal for ten minutes. This spell does not influence these beasts in any way, it only opens a line of communication. This spell has no effect on unnatural creatures.


This spell is popular among priests who do a lot of traveling (and considering the gods that grant this spell, one could assume that those who use the school travel a lot). Not only does it create a form of food when necessary, but the berry created by this spell grants the effects of a Cure Wounds and a Resist Toxin alchemy. Although the priest may preserve the berries, they will lose their magical potency after one minute.


This spell has gained some popularity among the priests with martial training. Once cast this spell toughens the target's skin, granting them a form of natural armour. This new protection differs from, say, the protection granted by Earth Armor, because it can be "repaired" with enough healing magic. Although this protection only lasts ten minutes, it suffers from another drawback: any fire magic that hits the Barkskinned individual causes double the destructive effect.

Insect Plague

Not only is this the most powerful spell granted by this school, but it is feared as one of the most dangerous spells that one can learn. Once this spell strikes true, the target is immediately swarmed by biting, vicious insects, causing the same amount of damage as a magically-enhanced stiletto every second. In addition, the insects render the target blind and prevent coherent speech (cancelling any chance for the target to cast).

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