Northern Waste Lands

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If there is a more barren, desolate place on the continent, explorer's have yet to return from it. The landscape of the Waste Lands consists of baked, cracked earth, sparse throny vegetation, giant insectoid creatures and of course, the war filled tribes of the orcs and their hordes.

Water is scarce within the Waste Lands. Survival of those not native to the land is measured in days.


There are only two widely known names for The northern wastes. The first and most common is used by most of the civilized races, which is "The northern wastes" or "The wastes" for short. The second less common name is "Tli hamj of jiatl" (pronounced: TE-luee haahm-jae oh-fe jaeeeah-te-lu) which was created by the Orcs, it roughly translates to "The land of death". Even though this is the most common name for this land among the savage races it is subject to change depending on tribe or race.

Natural Terrain

The common terrain in the northern wastes is flat planes consisting of cracked, dry, unfarmable, dead land. The vegetation (little of it there is) consists entirely of thorn laden shrubbery, tough semi-dead trees, and a strange form of small green plant covered in shard points. There is constantly little to no water sources (those there are tend to be heavily guarded by whoever has found them) and it rarely rains but when it does happen to rain the rainfall is cold (almost hail) and very very heavy usually lasting two to three days. There used to be a complex tunnel system under the wastes (built either by the Drow or Dwarves) but now almost every tunnel has collapsed with very few exceptions.


The Northern Wastes are home to most of the savage races, creatures like Ogres, Trolls, Goblins, Kobalds, and of course Orcs. Each race is constantly at war with each other for food, water sources, and in strange cases mates. Goblins and Kobalds tend to play the scavenger role when dealing with the bigger races but have an ongoing racial battle for prime scavenging areas. The goblins will use traps and alchemy to befuddle and roast their fur'd opponents where Kobalds will attempt to eliminate their small green adversaries using stealth and waylays (a tactic widely used by all kobalds). Ogres and Trolls enjoy the advantage of generally being the biggest and strongest in the land where might makes right. Of these two Trolls are actually the most likely to leave the wastelands because priests of kagent and Goblins love to use fire magic and alchemy. Although Ogres are the biggest and goblins have the alchemy and trap advantage, Orcs tend to run the roost with superior numbers, magic, and the willingness to throw lives at the problem until it goes away.

Common Wildlife

Wildlife in the wastes has a large task in survival, as they have to contend with the Orcs. Common creatures in the wastes are scorpions, snakes, vultures, forms of big cats, and the occasional (though extremely rare) bear. It has been observed that some vermin and animals will grow to enormous size compared to what they normally grow to. Some nature experts theorize that Rathelle has them grow to this size to better compete with the Orcs for food and water sources.These monstrous vermin and Dire animals pose an ample threat to those traveling in the Wastes, let alone those who actually live there.

Major Landmarks

There are four major landmarks known to the civilized races in the "Wastes". The easiest one to spot is known as "Jiatl petz" (or the Death pits). These pits are large holes dug randomly around the Wastes, these places filled with the bodies of victims, dead orcs, or random other smaller humaniods. These pits have three different purposes. Firstly their used as a secondary food source for tribes, the second use is for priests versed in necromancy as a form of reserve army, lastly they are used as a final resting place for dishonored dead Orcs. The next landmark is a large cave entrance. This entrance has no real significance except that within it lives the wastes largest Scorpion, known to the Orcs as "Poezom Lihh". It is said that Poezom Lihh (easily larger then four to five Dire bears) greedily guards a small underground water source. There are rumors that Poezom Lihh is actually a demon creature conceived when Kagent forced himself upon Rathelle and He was the twisted off spring. The next well known site in the "Wastes" is known as "The hand of Necros". This is another cave opening surrounded by long dead trees that form the rough shape of a partially enclosed hand. The tunnel itself is said to have a death curse on it, as no one who goes in ever comes back alive. The last landmark is also the most notorious. It's a large depression in the ground about two feet deep and almost twenty feet in diameter. This is "Veqtory Qerqhi" also known as Victory Circle. An individual must only enter the circle if their willing to fight the next creature to enter the circle to the death. Anything and anyone may enter and fight anyone or anything else, numbers are irrelevant as any number of one group can fight any number of another (say many goblins against one ogre). Both combatants are allowed to use anything available to them (magic, alchemy, weapons). Finally the victor will likely take all of the losers possessions.

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