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The school of Protection has only one purpose, and that is granting the caster different forms of protection. Its battle magic spells are used to create several different defensive benefits which allow the caster to escape harm. This is the only school that is available to every caster, regardless of whether they use arcane or divine magic.

The Battle Magic Spells

Magic Armour

Magic Armour defends the caster against the next physical or alchemical attack. This spell's defensive quality will protect the caster regardless of how strong the next hit is, but it will also be triggered by a weak attack. This spell's greatest strength and weakness is the fact that the caster doesn't need to be aware of the attack for it to activate.

Shield Magic

This spell is widely considered the most popular spell in this school, as most Priests and Mages will learn this spell to give them a defense against other mages or magical creatures. This spell works exactly like Magic Armour, except that it only defends against spells. Again, its defensive qualities will activate whether or not the caster is aware of the attack.

Advanced Magic Armour

This spell has some similarities to Magic Armour, but has some key differences. The first difference is that the caster must be aware of the attack to gain the one-time defensive use of this spell. The second and biggest difference is apparent when this spell is activated against a weapon (manufactured or natural) strike: the caster can choose to activate a shatter effect against that weapon, destroying it and causing minor damage to the attacker. The similarity between this spell and Magic Armour is that it only defends against physical attacks.


Phase is the most powerful and most versatile spell of this school. This will defend against any one physical, alchemical, or magical attack. It does this by literally having the caster blink out of existence for the moment when the attack would hit. This is also the only spell in the Protection school that will protect against a Dispel Protection spell. Like Advanced Magic Armour, the caster must be aware of the attack to activate the Phase.

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