Races and Monsters

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Use this page to navigate to the lists of all of the most commonly encountered creature types in Dremlin.

Animals and Vermin

This includes all non-magical creatures of animal intelligence.

Extraplanar Beings

A list of all beings from other planes of existence, including angels, demons and elementals.


This includes all types of faerie creatures, which are characterized by an aversion to iron.

Humanoid Races

This includes all creatures with human or subhuman intelligence that generally possess two arms, two legs and one head. These races usually have some form of society or civilization.

Magical Beasts

A list of all non-fae, living creatures that possess innate magical abilities.

Man-Made Beings

This creature classification covers all non-undead creatures which are animated by magic, alchemy or some other unnatural process. This includes golems, oozes and other such abominations.


All creatures that were once dead and were animated via supernatural means, usually Necromancy.

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