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Few who follow The Huntress would claim that they chose to follow the diety of Nature, Conflict, and Evolution. Most would speak of a time when they were in great danger, and when death stared them in the face, they instead stared into the deep green eyes of Rathelle, and therein found the ability to survive.

To be chosen by Rathelle is to be held to a higher standard than most. Granted a spark of Her divine power, they struggle to be more than mere mortals, to achieve perfection of Body, of Mind, and of Soul. They say that She gives only what you need, and asks only that her followers respect the balance and keep the unnatural at bay.
That seed of Power grows with the experience, with the life of the soul it's attached to, ultimately returning to Rathelle when the soul passes beyond the veil of death, increasing Her power, and Her understanding.

To Rathelle Life is sacred, but do not mistake that for meaning that all life is sacred. The Goddess understands that for life as a while to have the greatest chance of continuing, the weak must sometimes be cut away, so that the strong may continue. Rathellians strive to find strength in themselves, nurture potential strength in others, and cut away those that would threaten the strength of them and theirs.

The Huntress and The Flame

The Goddess Rathelle has little dogma being a fiercely individualistic faith, but most followers worship falls into one of two Creeds.

The Creed of The Huntress

- Life is a test
- in order to prove yourself worthy of your soul and the gifts that have gone with it, you must test yourself against worthy opponents.
- Strike down the weak only when they threaten the strong, as they may yet find their strength.
- When the weak DO threaten the strong, strike them down without remorse for that which remain will be stronger for it.
- Your Body and Mind are your greatest tools, keep them in top condition
- Your Soul is a gift, treat it with care

The Creed of The Flame of Life

- Life is sacred


Cultural Religious Practices

Holy Rites

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Church Structure and Titles

The followers of Rathelle have little to no formal structure. Groups of worshipers are known to congregate around Groves and other places of power,

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Prestigious Positions and Specialists



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