Religion And Deities

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Religion in Dremlin varies considerably between cultures. Different races may refer to a deity by a multitude of different names and attribute different aspects of the world to their domains. Despite this, a common theme for each deity crosses all species and cultures.


Alternate Names: The Dream; The Idealist
Deific Portfolio: Dreams, Providence, Travel, Wonder.
Minor Blessing: Dexterity Armour
Major Blessing: Luck
Magic Schools Granted: Alteration, Elemental Air, Elemental Water, Enchantment, Healing, Order, Nature, and Protection.

Gyellina’s followers place a large emphasis on individual freedoms. They are natural explorers and inventors. Although they are not known to be warlike, they will not hesitate to defend those they perceive as innocents. They would prefer to see the best in people and trust that the good in everyone will eventually win out. They are captivated by the wonder of the world, and delight in travelling to far off places to enjoy the beauty and entertainment that the world contains. They spend much of their time fantasizing and daydreaming about all of the wonderful adventures they have had, and that they will have.


Alternate Names: The Redeemer; The Sun
Deific Portfolio: Justice, Mercy, Righteous Warfare, The Sun.
Minor Blessing: Resist Chaos
Major Blessing: Order Blade
Magic Schools Granted: Augmentation, Confining, Elemental Air, Elemental Destruction, Elemental Fire, Healing, Order, and Protection.

Kayleth's priests are noble, just, honest and loyal. They stand up for justice, and they are willing to fight for it if necessary. They do not seek combat, but realize that in order to establish Good as the predominant world power, there will have to be bloodshed. They believe in
forgiveness and mercy, but they will not hesitate to smash those who will not abandon their evil ways. They will give their lives for their deity's cause, and will stand up to overwhelming odds if it is necessary.


Alternate Names: The Creator of All; The Earth; The Mother of the Gods.
Deific Portfolio: Healing, Life, Creation.
Minor Blessing: Shield Other
Major Blessing: Aid
Magic Schools Granted: Alteration, Augmentation, Confining, Elemental Earth, Enchantment, Healing, Order, and Protection.

Mellina's priests are vivacious, open-minded people who are interested in curing the wounds of the world. They want to spread life and growth, and they do so by healing and helping those who need it. They hate sickness and disease, and as such many of them work in churches healing those who are brought to them. They tend to be very expressive, creative people with a great respect for the gift of Life.


Alternate Names: The Hedonist; The Wind.
Deific Portfolio: Music, Pleasure, The Wind, Wine.
Minor Blessing: Resist Toxin
Major Blessing: Magic Euphoria
Magic Schools Granted: Alteration, Chaos, Confining, Elemental Air, Enchantment, Healing, Nature, and Protection.

Bacchus's priests are happy, carefree people. They care less about responsibilities than about having a good time. Hedonists are full of passion, and wish to experience all of the pleasures that life can offer. They seek out “The Good Life”, some through fame and fortune, others through thrills or games of chance. A Hedonist is one who prefers to have a good time than trying to resolve any serious issues.


Alternate Names: The Book of Knowledge; The Stars.
Deific Portfolio: Magic, Knowledge, The Stars, Wisdom
Minor Blessing: Secular Knowledge
Major Blessing: Higher Knowledge
Magic Schools Granted: Alteration, Confining, Enchantment, Healing, Order, Protection, plus two of the following: Augmentation, Chaos, Elemental Air, Elemental Destruction, Elemental Earth, Elemental Fire, Elemental Water, Nature, or Necromancy.

Mishra's priests are very intelligent, enlightened people. They are among the great learners of the world. Many of them run libraries and antiquity outlets. They seek to store knowledge, and are more interested in this than in any worldly affairs. For this reason, most Mishrans are not seen outside of their libraries, grimoires and universities unless it is absolutely necessary for them to leave (often due to a piece of information that is found elsewhere).


Alternate Names: The Huntress; The Flame.
Deific Portfolio: Conflict, Evolution, Nature
Minor Blessing: Scent
Major Blessing: Forest Meld
Magic Schools Granted: Augmentation, Elemental Air, Elemental Earth, Elemental Fire, Elemental Water, Healing, Nature and Protection.

Rathelle's priests are among the few who are truly open to any experience, be it pleasant or painful. They are at one with nature, and as such understand that death, sickness and decay are a part of life. They aren’t afraid to cut away the weak so the core becomes stronger, for they see life as a great struggle to test one’s strength against the strength of others. Conflict shows who the strong are, and evolution demands that the weak fall by the wayside as the strong advance.


Alternate Names: The Destroyer; The Void; The Dark Father; Father of the Gods.
Deific Portfolio: Chaos, Destruction, War
Minor Blessing: Resist Order
Major Blessing: Chaos Blade
Magic Schools Granted: Augmentation, Chaos, Elemental Destruction, Elemental Fire, Elemental Water, Healing, Necromancy, and Protection.

Kagent's priests are wild, angry beings who thrive on pillaging, razing and annihilating all things. They seek never-ending battle and are extremely war-like. They want nothing more than to smash all things to dust, to bring down anything which represents order, peace or well-being. They cannot be reasoned with, they are driven by their most basic desires; to kill and destroy.


Alternate Names: The Dead Deity; The Night.
Deific Portfolio: Death, Decay, Necromancy, Night, The Undead.
Minor Blessing: Unholy Fortitude
Major Blessing: Unholy Strength
Magic Schools Granted: Augmentation, Chaos, Confining, Elemental Earth, Elemental Water, Healing, Necromancy, and Protection.

Necros's priests live in a reality permeated by darkness, death and the underworld. Communication with the dead and the living dead are commonplace for them. They separate themselves from the living world, relying on their undead servants to carry out their bidding. They live more in the world of the dead than in the world of the living, and many of them go on to become undead themselves.


Alternate Names: The Betrayer; The Moon.
Deific Portfolio: Betrayal, Deceit, Lies, The Moon, Treachery.
Minor Blessing: Serpent's Tongue
Major Blessing: Shadow Meld
Magic Schools Granted: Alteration, Chaos, Confining, Enchantment, Elemental Air, Healing, Necromancy, and Protection.

Sirethe’s followers are devious, subtle and conniving. They prefer trickery and subterfuge to open violence or confrontations. They often befriend their enemies to keep them close at hand, under surveillance and within easy reach. They excel at lying and politics, as they are often very charismatic. If violence is required, they strike from the shadows or from a poisoned goblet. Priests of Sirethe have come from all walks of life, indeed that is their strength, nearly anyone could be a follower of the Deity of Treachery.

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