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Intended Use

The Shadow Realms LARP Wiki is meant as a resource for players and Plot members of Shadow Realms Live Action Roleplaying Game, based out of Whitby, Ontario, Canada. The copyright for any names, places, or events presented in these pages is owned by Andrew McKay. Unauthorized use or reproduction of any part of this Wiki in any form is strictly prohibited.

Game Content Disclaimer

The Shadow Realms LARP Wiki is a work of fiction. We do not believe in the true existence of elves, dragons, magic, demons, or other creatures or events of supernatural or mythological origin.

While the Shadow Realms Wiki does present fictional religions that are present in the in-game Shadow Realms LARP universe, they are not by any means intended to represent, parody or mimic real-world religions. Any resemblance to any real-world religion is purely coincidental.

Use of Wiki Information

While the Wiki is written from an in-game perspective by in-game authors, it is for out-of-game reference only. Just because you read something here, it does not mean you can bring that knowledge in-game. Use discretion to decide what your character would or would not know based on your character's past and present experience. If you are ever in doubt as to whether or not your character would know something, please contact the Shadow Realms Plot team at ofni.smlaerwodahs|tolp#ofni.smlaerwodahs|tolp.

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