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Undead creatures are those which were animated or created from once-living beings by way of the dark magical forces of Necromancy. The undead take as many forms as there are living creatures and then some, but all bear in common the nature of their creation and an aversion to Healing magic. Almost all undead are malicious in nature, although there are a rare few exceptions, such as some ghosts. Further, all undead are immune to Elemental Water magic, including ice effects created by the Elemental Destruction school, as well as Enchantment magic.

Undead can generally be split into two types: Greater and Lesser. Lesser Undead are mindless automatons such as zombies and skeletons, who obey their creator's will without any will of their own. They are more easily affected by Healing magic than their Greater cousins. Greater Undead have minds and a free will of their own, and often possess greater toughness and resistance to magic and magical effects.

List of Lesser Undead Creatures

List of Greater Undead Creatures

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